Passionfruit Daiquiri

50ml Spanish Caribbean Rum
25ml fresh passionfruit juice
10ml sugar syrup
10ml lime

Dominican Republic’s favourite juice meets a Cuban classic cocktail


50ml French Overseas Rum
25ml espresso
20ml coffee liqueur
5ml sugar syrup
5ml vanilla paste

Shake with ice and strain into cocktail coupe – Martinique’s love for coffee goes back to 1723 when Captain Gabriel Mathiew de Clieu introduced the plant to the island.

Old Cuban

45ml Spanish Caribbean rum
15ml fresh lime juice
20 ml simple syrup
6 mint leaves
2 dashes bitters
50ml Prosecco.

Muddle the lime juice, syrup and mint in a mixing glass. Add the rum, bitters and ice and shake. Double-strain into a coupe glass – top with Prosecco & mint sprig garnish.

Mayan Martini

40ml Central America XO Rum
30ml Sweet Vermouth
10ml Maraschino Liqueur
2 dashes chocolate bitters

Stir & strain into chilled glass- orange twist.


50ml British West Indies XO Rum
75ml light ginger beer & chocolate bitters.

Pour over cubed ice filled tall glass and garnish with orange slice – twist on a Dark’n’Stormy.

South Seas Sazerac

50ml Asia Pacific XO Rum
Sugar cube
2 dash Peychauds bitters.

Stir over ice, strain into Absinthe rinsed chilled old-fashioned glass & lemon peel – twist on New Orleans classic